19 April 2024
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GI Tag: Orange of Meghalaya

The Indian government agency has given approval to 800 farmers and entrepreneurs to use the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for 13 agricultural products from the north-eastern region. These products include

Arunachal Orange, Tezpur Litchi, and Karbi Anglong Ginger of Assam,

Kachai Lemon, and ‘Chak-Hao’ Black Rice of Manipur,

Khasi Mandarin orange and Memang Narang orange of Meghalaya,

Mizo Chilli of Mizoram,

Naga Tree Tomato, and Naga Sweet Cucumber of Nagaland,

Queen Pineapple of Tripura, and

Sikkim Large Cardamom and Dalle Khursani chilli of Sikkim.

The NERAMAC will submit the 800 user authorization applications from the 8 NE states to the GI Registry in Chennai. According to NERAMAC MD Commodore Rajiv Ashok (Retd), this initiative is a significant step towards promoting and safeguarding the traditional agricultural practices and products of the NE region. It will provide recognition to the unique qualities and reputation of NER agricultural products, protecting them from misuse and imitation.

The authorization process will enhance the competitiveness of farmers in both domestic and international markets. Dr. Rajni Kant Dwivedi, a renowned GI tags expert, emphasized the importance of Northeastern Region (NER) specific GI products and highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to promote these products. GI-specific products not only protect the unique identity and quality of these products but also create employment opportunities for local communities.

Source: Devdiscourse

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